Stress can cause emotional pain, poor sleeping patterns, addiction, weakened immune system, disease and even death. Stress literally kills. Here are some helpful tips on making sure that the stresses of life are minimized, ensuring that you lead a healthy, happy life:

1. Laugh. There was a great documentary on TV this past weekend called Laughology that discussed the virtues of laughing. Laughing regularly and heartily, it seems, can reduce our risk of heart disease and increase our longevity. Make sure you laugh when you’re in a stressful situation. It’ll do wonders.

2. Diet. People that are stressed out often have poor diets, they skip meals and crave sugary, salty or fatty foods. By keeping your diet in check, your body will be able to tolerate a higher level of stress.

3. Smile. Optimistic people are significantly healthier than pessimistic people. Optimists have a lower rate of infectious disease, better health and live a longer life than cynics.

4. Music. Listening or singing to music is therapeutic and can put you in a better mood in an instant. Sing a song and watch your stress go away. It’s that easy!

5. Garden. When the stresses of life are getting to you, plant or work in your garden. A small patio, balcony or patch of land is all it takes to tend a garden. Enjoy the rays of the sun, the magic of growing life and the serenity that gardening provides.

6. Journal. Journalling at the end of a day can help release any emotional blockages that you may need to communicate. Writing in a journal can help distress, clear your mind, process emotions and solve problems that relieves stress before going to bed.

7. Breath. Our breath is often very shallow when we get stressed out. By taking a time-out by breathing deeply relaxes the muscles and oxygenates the brain.

8. Sleep. You need to have a restful sleep if you’re to take on the challenges of the day. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you can always take a nap to recharge your batteries so you function at a high level.

9. Exercise. Exercise at least 20 minutes a day to release endorphins, the feel good hormone. A brisk walk, some pushups, dancing, yoga or weight lifting is all it takes to getting you feeling fresh and stress-free.


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